How to use Craiyon AI (formerly known as DALL-E mini) (2024)

How to use Craiyon AI (formerly known as DALL-E mini) (1)

A host of AI-powered websites and services can create images and artwork based on your description. One site worth trying is Craiyon. The free (but ad-supported) web version of Craiyon will generate art, drawings, and photos from your text description. The paid versions dispense with the ads and speed up the processing time. There's also a Craiyon Android app for your phone or tablet.

How to use: Midjourney | Bing Image Creator | DALL-E 2 | Stable Diffusion

Designed by developer Boris Dayma as a free text-to-image AI tool, Craiyon advanced not only through internal improvements but through contributions from the open-source community. Beyond generating new images, Craiyon contains a library of existing images that you can access to help with your queries. Previously known as DALL-E mini, the site changed its name upon a request from OpenAI, which felt that the former name was too close to its own DALL-E image generator.

How to get started with Craiyon AI

1. Go to the Craiyon website

To get started, browse to theCraiyon website. You can sign up for a free account, but you may want to first try the site without an account.

2. Describe your image

Type a description of the image you want generated. You can also add negative words to specify any items you want excluded in your query. Choose the type of image you'd like to see -- art, drawing, or photo.

Take a moment before you submit your query. Trying to describe the image you want can be challenging. How you phrase it and what words you include will determine the accuracy and quality of the results.

Also: How to write better ChatGPT prompts (and this applies to most other text-based AIs, too)

Craiyon reminds you to select the style that interests you the most. But you're also able to play around with different keywords, such as "illustration," "photorealistic," and "high definition." Plus, consider joiningthe Craiyon community on Discordto chat with other users andsearch for previous imagesrequested by others.

3. Generate results

After you've entered your description and chosen a style, click the Draw button. With the free tier, you'll have to wait a minute or longer for the image to appear. In response, Craiyon displays several images in their own thumbnails.

How to use Craiyon AI (formerly known as DALL-E mini) (2)

4. Select an image

Click an image you like, and it appears in a larger size. From there, click the Upscale button to try to improve the resolution and quality. Click the Screenshot button to save it as a PNG file.

How to use Craiyon AI (formerly known as DALL-E mini) (3)

5. Try another prompt

Click the image to return to the set of thumbnails of all the results. Below the images, Craiyon may suggest another prompt to fine-tune or modify the results.

Also: Want to learn more about prompt engineering? This free course can help

If you think the new prompt is worth a shot, click the button forTry this one. Modify the prompt if necessary and then click the Draw button.

How to use Craiyon AI (formerly known as DALL-E mini) (4)

6. View new results

A new set of thumbnails is generated, allowing you to pick one you like and then upscale or save it. A new prompt will also be suggested, which you can modify and try again.

How to use Craiyon AI (formerly known as DALL-E mini) (5)

7. View your favorite images

To keep track of the generated images, sign up for a free account by clicking the Sign up button at the top. To save an image, click its heart icon. After you've saved one or more images, click the Account button at the top and select the option for My Collection.

How to use Craiyon AI (formerly known as DALL-E mini) (6)

8. Buy a t-shirt with your favorite image (optional)

To help earn money and provide you with some cool swag, Craiyon will sell you a $26 t-shirt with your favorite image printed on it. For this, open an image and click the button for Print on a t-shirt. Confirm the image, choose the theme of light or dark, and then click Buy. Confirm your size and place your order.

How to use Craiyon AI (formerly known as DALL-E mini) (7)

How to use the Android app

Beyond the website, you're able to take Craiyon for a spin on an Android device. Download and install the app from Google Play. Sign into your account if you've created one. From there, the app works the same as the website. Type a description of the image you want, choose a style, and then tap Draw. Among the results, tap an image to see a larger version of it. From there, you can upscale it, download it to your device, or try a different prompt.

How to use Craiyon AI (formerly known as DALL-E mini) (8)

Disclaimer:You should consider the legal consequences (e.g. copyright) of using AI-generated images before implementing them into your work.

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How to use Craiyon AI (formerly known as DALL-E mini) (2024)


How to use Craiyon AI? ›

  1. Open Craiyon AI Art Generator.
  2. Type your idea (crazy concepts encouraged)
  3. Hit “DRAW” to generate your AI art!
  4. Edit your AI image text prompt. With millions of art styles and photorealistic designs you can add, there are endless changes.
  5. Save or download your AI art masterpiece to share with the world!

How to use DALL-E mini? ›

How to use DALL-E mini. DALL-E mini is free and easy to use. All you have to do is go to and type a prompt into the “What do you want to see?” box. After a few minutes, or sometimes seconds, it will give you nine images in an attempt to match the prompt, according to Business Insider.

How to get good results from Craiyon? ›

Put things in places or describe actions

You can cast a wider net by asking Craiyon to put objects in specific places. Try something like “the sun in a jar” or “the demogorgon on the Titanic,” and you should get at least one image that resembles what you want.

Why isn't Craiyon working? ›

If it isn't working, you may need to charge the crayon by plugging in your iPad's charging cable into the iPad's charging adapter block, plug the other end of the cable into the top of the crayon ( remove the top cover first ) and let your crayon charge up,,then try using the crayon again on your iPad.

Is Craiyon AI legit? ›

The best thing about Craiyon is that it's free and better than other AI generators. The images created with it are more realistic and also have a negative prompt feature to make accurate images. Review collected by and hosted on

How much does DALL-E cost? ›

DALL·E 2 offers users 50 free credits during their first month and 15 free credits every subsequent month. Additional credits can be purchased in 115-credit increments for $15.

Can I use DALL-E 3 for free? ›

If you've been wanting to test out the new DALL-E 3, you can now do it for free. DALL-E 3 is now powering the Bing Image Creator and it's better than ever. Check out that gorgeously detailed image above.

Are DALL-E and Craiyon the same? ›

Craiyon (formerly known as DALL·E mini) is another free tool that uses artificial intelligence to generate images. Just like OpenAI's DALL·E 2, you type in a prompt, and it will do its best to make pictures that match it.

How to write a Craiyon prompt? ›

Use keywords that are relevant to the image you want to generate. AI art generators need clear instructions that are easy to understand. You will want to think of descriptive adjectives of the subject, where your subject is, the type of art style and verbs to help add action to your image.

Can Craiyon create images from text prompts? ›

Craiyon uses a deep learning model called DALL-E 2 to generate images from text descriptions. The AI model was trained on millions of text-image pairs to learn associations between words and visual concepts. When you enter a prompt, the model creates a new image matching the text description.

Can we sell DALL-E images? ›

According to OpenAI, you own all the images you create with DALL-E. Meaning you have the right to reprint, sell, and merchandise the images.

How to get more DALL-E credits for free? ›

Free credits replenish monthly.
  1. For example, if you received credits on August 3rd, your free credits will refill on September 3rd.
  2. If you joined on the 29th, 30th, or 31st of any month, your free credits will refill on the 28th of every month.

What is the difference between DALL-E and ChatGPT? ›

DALL-E is being used by artists and designers to create new and innovative artworks. For example, one artist used DALL-E to generate a photorealistic painting of a cat sitting on a beach. ChatGPT is being used by businesses to create personalized marketing campaigns and customer support chatbots.

How to write prompts for Craiyon? ›

Use keywords that are relevant to the image you want to generate. AI art generators need clear instructions that are easy to understand. You will want to think of descriptive adjectives of the subject, where your subject is, the type of art style and verbs to help add action to your image.

How to use AI in photo manipulation? ›

How to edit a photo in AI
  1. Open Canva. Launch Canva on your web browser or app to access our AI photo editor online. ...
  2. Upload your photo. Upload the photo you want to edit and drag and drop it into the layout. ...
  3. Make AI photo edits. Click Edit image to access our AI image editing tools. ...
  4. Spruce up your image. ...
  5. Download and share.

How do I use AI voice generator? ›

How to use an AI voice generator?
  1. Type in your script into the text-to-speech tool or use an AI script generator.
  2. Choose an AI voice.
  3. Hit play to generate.
  4. Download the voiceover.

How do you use the AI art generator app? ›

All you have to do is type your vision for the artwork in a couple of words in the AI image generator and that's it! You'll get several variants of AI-generated art so you can choose the one that you like the most. And if you didn't get what you were looking for, you can always regenerate new versions for free.


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