Exploring Relationships Behind Closed Doors, Crave’s New Original Comedy PILLOW TALK Premieres on February 10 - Bell Media (2024)

Exploring Relationships Behind Closed Doors, Crave’s New Original Comedy PILLOW TALK Premieres on February 10 - Bell Media (2)

– All 10 episodes of PILLOW TALK drop Thursday, Feb.10 on Crave –
– PILLOW TALK is the English-language adaptation of the hit Noovo series, ENTRE DEUX DRAPS, and the first English series from Montréal’s KOTV –

(TORONTO) January 24, 2022 – From laughter and love, to quibbles, quarrels, squabbles, and spats, the all-new Crave Original docucomedy series PILLOW TALK, is a fly-on-the-wall look at the daily dilemmas faced by couples, families, and friends in the confines of their home. Produced in association with KOTV Productions, all 10 episodes of PILLOW TALK drop on Thursday, Feb. 10, only on Crave. Sneak peek clips are available here on The Lede.An adaptation of Noovo’s popular French-language series ENTRE DEUX DRAPS, created by Matthieu Pepper and François St-Amant, PILLOW TALK takes place entirely in bedrooms, and explores in a raw and unexpected way, the drama and hilarity experienced by couples in the intimacy of the bedroom.The series features four real-life couples and one set of roommates, playing fictionalized versions of themselves, an idea born of the COVID-19 pandemic. The cast includes: Nicola Correia-Damude (SHADOWHUNTERS) and Carlos Gonzalez-Vio (THE EXPANSE, ORPHAN BLACK) as a married couple, Vicki andMarco, enduring their precocious child; Adam DiMarco (THE ORDER, and recently cast in the second installment of HBO series THE WHITE LOTUS) and Sydney Scotia (LIMITED EDITION) as Andy and Lydia, a young couple who recently moved in together; Andrew Wheeler (SUPERNATURAL) and Sharon Crandall (The Kid Detective) as Luke and Mia, a newly dating couple with an age gap; and couple Paolo Santalucia (KIM’S CONVENIENCE) and Gregory Prest (Angels in America) as JP and Simon, a couple navigating career challenges. Additional cast members are Chris Robinson (WORKIN’ MOMS) and Kwasi Thomas (SNOWPIERCER) as new roommates.In the series premiere entitled “Fresh Starts” (Thursday, Feb. 10), everyone has their own relationship to intimacy. Vicki and Marco don’t have much left at all, Thomas confides in the service guy from Bell, Luke traumatizes Mia with his past, and Lydia displays herself for anyone and everyone to see.After the critical and ratings success of the first season, where it was a Top 10 series on Noovo, and received two Prix Gémeaux awards for Best Comedy Series and Best Cast in a Comedy in 2021, ENTRE DEUX DRAPS Season 2 continues it’s stellar performance as a Top 5 series on Noovo and Noovo.ca since debuting last fall. Season 2 of ENTRE DEUX DRAPS also joins Crave on Thursday, Feb. 10.PILLOW TALKis executive produced byAlain Chicoine, Louis-Philippe Drolet, Louis Morissette, and Mélaine Viau. Louis Morissette is showrunner and Melissa Malkin is Line Producer. For Bell Media, Rachel Goldstein-Couto is Head of Development; Sarah Fowlie is Director, Original Programming; Carlyn Klebuc is General Manager, Original Programming. Justin Stockman is Vice-President, Content Development & Programming, Bell Media. Karine Moses is Senior Vice-President, Content Development & News, Bell Media.

About KOTV

Founded in February 2011, KOTV is aCanadian entertainment company, based in Montreal, Quebec. We are one of the leading television production companies on our territory and collaborate with a dozen regional broadcasters.Together with passionate and inspired home-grown talent, we develop and produce innovative television programming, including fiction,drama, comedy, variety, game shows,magazines, and documentaries.KOTV’s mission is quite simple:Create high-quality series, reach a maximum number of people to conquer the world and entertain it. With this aim in view, some of our fiction and variety programming has already conquered several territories.

About Crave

Delivering more Oscar®-nominated and Emmy® Award-winning programming than any other service, Crave is Canada’s prestige entertainment offering, with HBO, HBO Max Originals, SHOWTIME®, STARZ, Hollywood-hit movies, is the exclusive Canadian streaming home of FRIENDS, and boasts a robust slate of English and French original series.. Crave is a major supporter of Canada’s production industry, helping to fund numerous film projects, and features acclaimed selections from some of Canada’s prestigious film festivals including Toronto International Film Festival, Toronto Reel Asian International Film Festival, HOT DOCS, ImagineNATIVE, and Inside Out LGBT Film Festival.

Crave is a bilingual TV and streaming service with thousands of hours of exclusive French-language content. Crave is available directly to all Canadians with access to the Internet at Crave.ca, via iOS and Android, and other platforms such as Amazon Fire TV, Android TV, Apple TV, Chromecast, select LG Smart TVs, PlayStation, Roku, select Samsung Smart TVs, and Xbox One. It’s also available through participating service providers across ten, 24-hour High Definition linear and on demand channels. Crave is from Bell Media, Canada’s leading content company, providing Canada’s most-watched and most-acclaimed television programming on network, specialty, pay and digital platforms. Visit our website at Crave.ca.


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Exploring Relationships Behind Closed Doors, Crave’s New Original Comedy PILLOW TALK Premieres on February 10 - Bell Media (2024)


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